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Through meditation I have learned to forgive, to love unconditionally and to find joy in my human life.  I discovered that I can channel messages from the other side. On this blog, I share these messages and I hope you find them enlightening.


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Give up the Ego

Photo by Tim Marshall Give up the ego and you will awake to much more in life. The “I” leads you astray thinking you are the only one, while the “We and Us” is all inclusive and opens up the world to an abundance of love and compassion. Experience and enjoy Earth life in union … Continue reading Give up the Ego

Make your decision…

Photo by Danielle Be at peace with where you are in life, or go inside and find a new place to be. Everything is inside our being… from vibes, emotions, attitude, character, ambition, aspiration, truthfulness and reliability, etc. Do not fight a battle with your personage, expand the inner growth of your spiritual being or … Continue reading Make your decision…

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