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Through meditation I have learned to forgive, to love unconditionally and to find joy in my human life.  I discovered that I can channel messages from the other side. On this blog, I share these messages and I hope you find them enlightening.


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Be Accountable and Stop saying “but I…. but”.

Photo by Héctor López In a conversation, infrequently use the word BUT. It often allows for excuses, untruths, evasiveness, and justification. It also weakens the conversation and attempts to portray a brief fix. HUMANS love excuses.. they love to find one for about everything in life that did not go as planned or they disliked. … Continue reading Be Accountable and Stop saying “but I…. but”.

Love oneself first.

Photo by Allie Smith When you truly love your COMPLETE SELF, both physically and spiritually, then you are free to love others. Until then it is not love but an emotion of fondness, devotion, affection and admiration. Going inside your BEING and finding, accepting and loving your true spirit and soul, allows you the freedom … Continue reading Love oneself first.

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