Farewell earthly being: Shirlee “My human death”

As I turn my life journey over to thee,

Help me to clearly understand and accept

That through the Supreme Being I am ME.


Created in the name of love and light

Heart, Body and mind is completely filled

Knowing that here I AM within your sight.


Never alone, never without unlimited direction,

Spirit guides, angel friends, and soul keeper

Hold me in the bright light under your full protection.


I seek to advance the spirit living here

Turning inside to understand my chosen mission

Residing in a world full of hatred and tears.


Oh spirit guides help us emanate

Love from thy heart and positive deeds

Hatred, anger, and violence all must terminate.


Two worlds connected through ONE loving heart,

The spiritual and physical  growing together

United until the human end in which they part.


Upon the physical death the earthy body ends

The human side relinquishes its spirit, so

Thy soul lives on and my new journey begins.


Farewell Mortal being that dwells on the Earth

Leave behind the body and now only my soul

Here among the universe where thy spirit is whole.


As the spirit parted from the Earth’s sphere

It left behind the body and its human life

Now far above living in peace and absolutely no fear.

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