The Mind

(Prior to each meditation I say these words, hoping to be able to calm my mind and have a clear beautiful meditation.)

Quiet mind.. Stop thinking…just be still

Be empty without thought and feel the thrill.


My guide hears the mind and begs it to be silent

as my human side keeps it going, like a river flowing.


Be peaceful, stop thinking! I say to my crazy mind

GO human thoughts, leave! and feel my soul shine.


Sense the love in my heart that radiates bright light

Allow Earthly thoughts to leave  and take flight.


Bring Joy, bring Peace to me in this meditation

As I fly freely ever so high without  any limitation.


Hear words of wisdom and instruction

And bestow these openly without obstruction.


Listen to my guide speak and clearly share ….

saying do not fear the message, just listen with care.


Cleared mind, body ready, the meditation starts

Navigated by my soul via my loving heart.

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