My birthday lesson….


Today is my earth ūüĆŹ¬†birthday…i share the gift lesson I received.

Earth journey ends and soul journey begins completely covered in bright loving light.  It is from here above where I  greet you and embrace you.  Connected now together in an incredible feeling of LOVE unlike any felt on the Earth world.  New mission and new task for the soul to complete, but NEVER forgetting the progress made on Earth.

During earth life, Meditate my dear and advance the soul. It is through this that you will learn and understand that more love is needed. Advance the soul by loving on Earth and through this the mighty soul will flourish.

Do not despair we are here with you on your journey.  In the bright shinning light of love we Grow.  We your guides are always talking to you, sitting here beside you, seeing you, loving you and guiding you.

Sit in silence and you and you will feel our presence and KNOW US.

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