Please Talk To Me

Recently I went to a dog park and while there I saw a lady that I had met last year but really did not know well. While talking to her I asked her how many children she had without knowing anything about her, other than she drove a truck and owned an older black Labrador dog.  She said “ I have two, a son that died recently and a daughter that lives in a different state.”  Quickly I offered my condolences but before I could ask her about her daughter, I heard a  word whispered in my right ear.  It said “suicide” and then immediately standing behind the lady I saw the word, “suicide”.  I said NOTHING, but without  skipping a beat, she and I proceeded to talk a little about her daughter and then on to discuss her sweet dog.  

Two days later I heard a voice say, “Please grab a pencil and write this down.  I have a message to share.”  Here is the message …

Talk to me softly as I am near, Tell me the words you want me to hear.

Do not feel sorrow, hurt or pain, My spirit is alive with much to gain.

Body gone, yet here I stand anew, In mind and Heart my Love is true.

In the sky a small star flickers and YES it is ME, So look up, find my light, and SEE that I AM FREE.

Know in your heart that never am I very far, Find me in the brightness and closest star

I have a divine life, as I Am spirit and soul, At peace with God and my new role.

You, eternally in my heart and never forgotten, Part of my earthly journey in love begotten.

Remember, chat with me often and do not cry, I clearly hear you talking to me from up high.

Body gone, spirit resting, no more torment anywhere, I enjoy the greatest love encircling me everywhere.

Someday we will be together for one more time, All will be balanced and free of mountains to climb.

So… Until then…. there are no goodbyes.



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