To a great mom….

My mother and best friend passed to the other side on February 16th, 2000.  For three months after her passing, I just existed.  I had no ambition and I went into a deep depression.  Then something happened, my mom’s spirit came to me and  HERE IS THE STORY.  


When you passed over to the other side,

You left me alone and without drive.

I needed you to become my guide,

and give me a purpose to survive.


One evening you appeared next to me,

with a message of love and your smile I see.

Clearly I heard, “Stop grieving and let me go,

if you hold me back here then I cannot grow”


From that day forward after I heard you speak,

I knew you were right and my life would be less bleak.

So finally I was able  to set you free,

Knowing our love for each other would always BE.


Thank you for being the greatest mother ever,

You taught me to love unconditionally and forever.

You said “ love and appreciate the big and small

Never take life for granted, and give thanks for all.”


So from the bottom of my human ❤️ heart,

I salute you and now thank God for our life apart.

Our human earthly journey was special and whole

Then You went HOME as a loving soul.


Goodbye my dear mom and friend ,

I know that someday we will be together again.

Always in love and in bright light,

Eternally united at our heavenly site.  ❤️

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