Things to ponder…….

Why pretend to be someone else, or be like someone else?   There is still SO MUCH to learn and love about yourself.

Letting go of Ego is a difficult task for a human, but it is THE MOST IMPORTANT and worthy work of all.

It is through knowing oneself that the greatest goal of loving oneself comes.

Walk a straight line, follow the path of others and do as others …. but is this how you find love and happiness?  Why not just be YOU and go inside and find who you truly are.

Can you keep a secret about yourself, if you TRULY know that it is not a secret to your inner being, your soul?

Sit by the window and look out.  Truly look at everything.  Do not allow yourself to only focus on one or two things but view everything in its entirety.  Only when you allow yourself to do this, is when you can understand and appreciate your true connection and place in the world.

Stop the mind from controlling you and owning you.  Let the heart feel and show you the true purpose to your life.

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