Humbled and regretful

Today I received a message from my guide and I am both humbled and regretful.

Without a moment of thought, I made a cutting, sarcastic remark to my husband but immediately after the words came out of my mouth, I knew they were negative, unnecessary, and hurtful. I have always been jealous of the relationship My husband has with his parents. I know It stems from some hurtful comments his parents made about me over thirty eight years ago, prior to our marriage; however there are times it feels like it happened yesterday.

After the sarcastic remark, I went to the shower to clean up for the day. While standing in the shower with the water running down my face I heard my guide speak to me.

How proud are you of your remark? Do you feel any better after saying these words?” Were these words worth you lowering your vibrations? Did you forget about your loving purpose on earth? If you do not feel good about what you just said, then you need to remedy this situation.”

Immediately tears ran down my face and i stood there sobbing like a baby. I knew that what I said empowered my human side and caused pain to my spiritual side. But the greatest positive of all, is that I regretted and recognized immediately the ugliness of what I had done and I TRULY was sorry. The sorrow I felt was true and very deep, unlike anything I had felt before.

This life lesson humbled me. It made me realize that no matter how many times I meditate, I pray, I go inside, I help others, I listen to others, I do good deeds, etc., I am still human and I can and will make mistakes. The regret I felt was immense as well as the lesson I learned. One side “human” remark caused me great pain in my heart. I give thanks to my guide and to my loving soul… lesson learned, accepted and stored in my loving ❤️ heart.

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