Church or no church…..

*Love: divine not sexual or human

On several occasions I have had people ask me, “ What is your faith, your religion or what church do you attend?” For a very long time I would always answer “I am Catholic.” But I never felt good about that answer because even though I am a baptized Catholic, I am not active in the church. I do not attend mass, I do not confess my sins to a priest, I do not observe Holy days, etc. And YES, I have attended many churches of various faiths, but NEVER have I found the connection to God, the Supreme Being inside a church. (Not true for everyone)

I do believe devoutly in a Supreme Being, the Divine Leader, In God and my spiritual life is completely centered around *love.

I fill My heart with unconditional *love and through EVERY life event, positive or negative, I strive to find the purpose and grow from the experience . I, in human form and in spirit, am here on Earth to do it better this time than I did the last time. My spirit is here to enrich my soul and in the end, my soul will make the choice to return or not return to Earth.

I have been reminded through my meditation experiences that true love and faith come from within and without prejudice, without discrimination, without judgement, without discord, without control, and without monetary importance; ALL of which I found within the walls of every church I attended.

I believe in God, I believe in love and respect for the entire universe. I believe in life after death and in reincarnation. If I live my life with the goal of doing good deeds and loving from the heart, than am I not worthy? My life on Earth is my journey to perfect. Every decision I make, every step forward or backwards is my choice to make. My soul advancement is fully MY responsibility….. with or without a church. I hold myself accountable as we ALL MUST DO. I find MY connection to God within myself , others within their faith and church.

Go where YOU can be TRUE to yourself, , where you can give and receive unconditional love, where you can find your true being. *Love ❤️<


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