The Tall Oak Tree…


I see a tall oak tree standing in front of me.  It is filled with glossy large pointed leaves, hundreds of long branches and a thick  looking trunk.  I walk to the tree and stand beneath its expanding wide branches.  I look UP INTO the thick leaves and I see twigs on the branches with very small acorns forming.  Quickly my eyes spot a nest, home to newborn hatchlings, and not far from the nest sits the protective mother bird.   The thick leaves of the tree are providing shelter and food to wildlife and for me shade from the bright warming sun.

From the above description, what do I really know about this oak tree?  Has this tree ever been plagued by drought or infested by insects?  How long has this tree been here and who planted this tree?  Is this tree really healthy?

The answers to these questions are found in the inner core of the tree and sadly the tree must be cut down to get to the core.  The stump holds the answers to the history of the tree and to its present day heath prior to being cut.

As a human being with a spirit and soul, you do NOT have to wait until death to analyze your human history, to study your core and to make changes to your being.  Through prayer and meditation you can go inside,  find enlightenment,  and move forward in soul advancement.  Think about your life story, Review it , learn from it, forgive those that hurt you and then MOST IMPORTANTLY LET IT GO.  Do NOT keep replaying it, RELIVING IT or sharing it.  Know where you are in your spiritual life, and enrich it by providing proper nourishment to your soul growth.  Like the tall standing oak tree, blossom, flourish, and grow in love. ❤️

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