Don’t Look For Me…….

(I received this message at 2:00 AM EST today from my guide)

Don’t look for me in the graveyard with a tombstone at my head, nor look for me in a wooden coffin that resembles a bed.

You will NOT find my name written on a Quartz stone, and there will be no posted information on me known.

If you did not come around me in my living years, then do not come around me now shedding tears.

My body will pass from this earthly plane, free of worries, pain, and emotional strain.

Life is for good living and doing it right, advancing the soul with all your human might.

My being had its beginning and now it’s close to the end, I hope you were part of my life as a dear friend.

Goodbye words of sorrow I will hear you say, while recalling our good times together I pray.

The human end is near now so let me Rest In Peace, because our memories and good times together will never cease.

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