The HUMANNESS in us….

When we arrived here on EARTH as a HUMAN, we were born innocent, harmless, free, simple and uninformed.

It is only with living do we the HUMAN become what we become fearful, judgmental, , hateful, indifferent, jealous, etc.

HUMAN beings have a tendency to seek / to move toward the complicated rather than the simple aspects of existence. We, HUMANS can take a pure simple object and try to make it something it is not. We can take a comment, a look, or a thought from one person and reek havoc on his or her life if it does not fit into “our mold”.

We are NOT here on earth to mix up, jumble up, or complicate our life with such frivolous things.

REMEMBER to Keep your life manageable and remember your purpose here on Earth. SMILE ❤️

I am a human …….with so many thoughts that come and go, ups and down with no steady flow.

I am a human…….one moment happy and the next sad, trying to be good but at times I am bad.

I am a human….. living a life that I alone frame, a life that is uniquely mine to claim.

I am a human……perhaps rich or poor, enjoyable or sorrowful, but completely mine to make agreeable or disdainful.

I am a human……sadly it is the EGO, the I, that incites agony, in the HUMAN that entered EARTH in love and harmony.

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