Be attentive to life…

siim-lukka-192415.jpg(Photo by: Siim Lukka)

Take a look outside your window or if weather permits go outside and look around. What do you see? Perhaps a car, your neighbor’s house, a big oak tree, a mailbox, etc.  “. Yes, all of this is possible, but now LOOK AGAIN MORE CAREFULLY.   NOW, what do you see?   Perhaps A little more than you saw the first time.

DO IT AGAIN, but REALLY LOOK AROUND!!  This time be aware of what TRULY is in your line of vision, be perceptive of what is present.

Maybe now when you look at the tall oak tree you see the numerous branches, the budding 🍂 leaves, and the remanentes of a 🦅bird  nest.  Or, when you see your neighbor’s house 🏡 you note its shape, the building material, and the hue of the color.

As humans, you MUST take notice of your world 🌎.  DO NOT see it on the surface but TRULY be attentive to what is in the 🌎 world.  You must STOP 🛑 living life without purpose, without disregard and aloofness.  It is only this way can you understand YOUR PURPOSE here on EARTH and make the MOST of your daily journey.

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