A new message…

( Recently My guide presented this message to me after I read an article online about a fatal accident.  In the comment section of the article, many people posted comments that were unkind, conflicting and distasteful.  All of this made me feel unsettled and uneasy, so here is the message I received.  )

By no means am I ideal,

Oftentimes enjoying the bad and surreal.

Being indifferent and not fair,

And sometimes feeling like I don’t care.

Seldom being a good guide,

repeatedly hurting others with lies.


Often feeling envious,

then acting out and being devious.

Regularly with distasteful thoughts,

blaming others when I get caught.

Taking things that are not mine

without guilt and feeling just fine.

Unjustly judging others without facts,

and criticizing them for their acts.

I am anything but absolute

so often reckless and dissolute.


Unkind in my actions and sometimes evil,

leaving everything in such an upheaval.

Sometimes feigning acts of kindness and decency

without any amount of mercy or valiancy.

Yes, You are a HUMAN and It is YOU that makes the BAD DECISIONS and BAD LIFE CHOICES.  You are responsible for your HUMAN SIDE!

Please God/ Supreme Being, help us to accept responsibility for our actions and change for the good.  Please FORGIVE us for our past errors( trespasses) and  give us the strength and courage to change.     

NO SOUL came to EARTH with the intention of being evil, destructive, and making bad choices.  It is the HUMAN side that allows for this.  Begin now to Advance your spiritual side by enriching your Soul through LOVE and GOOD.


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