With love from friends and guides…


Tree branches moving from the blowing wind,
Flowers blooming, birds singing, nature calling me in.

Body prepared, mind cleared I go inside my own sphere.
Allowing my inner being to see everything without fear.

In front of me high in the sky I see something mystical
Six large white angel clouds looking so magical

Fluffy and silky angel wings all lined up in a row,
Just hanging freely in the blue sky moving ever so slow.

I look at them and know immediately why they are here,
To remind me of those on the other side that are near.

Wispy wings are the biggest clouds I see in the sky,
Wonderful reminders of passed friends for which I still cry.

My friends watch over me as I am in their care,
They send me Angel wings and I send them prayer.
☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️❤️

As these unusual clouds slowly move and pass on,
I know my friends are with me and not really gone.

My loved ones on the other side are never very far,
I Look up, find their clouds and at night a gleaming ⭐️ star.

Remember, be attentive to messages from the other side, sent to you and me with love from friends and guides.

Be present of your surroundings…..

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