Take Care of Your Soul

We are told to take care of our physical body by eating the right foods, exercising , getting enough sleep, taking vitamins, etc. But what about our soul? What do we do to take care of our soul? Our body is here because we have not yet met the needs of our soul yet we do very little to care for it. Here are a few ways we can take care of our soul, our inner being, our true self:

Speak in kindness; stay away from judgement and criticism; be true to yourself and not follow through obligation; forgive others and yourself; be grateful for even the smallest of things; be appreciative and respectful; be among nature and LISTEN to the sounds;  Pray and or meditate; let go of the EGO; stop making excuses; LOVE ❤️, LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ unconditionally others and self.  



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