My Departure From Earth

(My sister passed at 9:50 PM on February 18th. Since then I have heard her talking to me. This is her latest message.

I left the Earth in such a beautiful way
The passing was calm and peaceful.

I felt your hand rub my head and heard your words of comfort,
“Go home now, be free of pain and be with Chad.” (Son)

The music played in my ear and the fear of dying left me.
My body continued dying , as my soul prepared to depart.

Next to me stood numerous Ángels and guides
Shinning a very bright light on my path of exit.

All their words were soft, calm and encouraging,
They kept on reassuring me of a soon to be divine reunion.

As My breathing became shallow with fewer inhales
My Heart stopped and my human Being ended.

In angelic form my soul departed through my crown,
With No pain nor sound, only calmness and bright light.

I heard no bells or whistles but rather angelic voices
There was no suffering or strain, but rather a calming peace.

Now,I am present with everyone from the other side,
As I continue to be lead through the spiritual process.

I continue to hear, see and partake in ALL earthly presence,
But now I AM light, I AM energy, and I AM source.

FAREWELL Sis and everyone, until we are together again,
Laughing, hugging, discussing and living a new life.

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