Live Your Life or Experience Your Life?

Do you live your life or do you experience your life?
Are you allowing life to touch you or do you allow life to pass through you Or by you through experiences?

When was the last time you allowed life to truly, fully touch your inner being? So often we allow our emotions and our thoughts to drive us through Life without allowing ourselves to be touched by our LIFE.  We permit society, events, friends and family, technology, etc to occupy our being, our thinking, our time, our Life and our true self.  We allow for all of this but we fail to look at our natural being, our spiritual being, our surroundings and our inner life purpose. (Soul)

Standing outside and watching the beauty of the sunrise 🌅 or sunset 🌅 without allowing human thoughts to control you or to rush you through the experience, IS MAKING  time for life and ALLOWING life to touch you.  A beautiful bird flies very close by you and lands on a branch near you.  Did you really take notice of this bird?  Did you see the colors of the bird and the ease of movement of the wings?  Did you notice the bird looking at you? Or Was it “just another bird”?  Was it a sign from a loved one?   Maybe or maybe not but it was there, part of your life, SO take note of it!

So much life is happening, are you really part of it?  Or are you just letting it happen around you without appreciation and understanding?    Why did the elderly man in the parking lot of the grocery store, pick you to approach for direction or help?  There were others he could have asked, but he picked you!  All in life happens WITH PURPOSE, take FULL NOTICE OF YOUR LIFE, or it will pass and you will have lived experiences without intention, without purpose, and without spiritual advancement.

There are so many different aspects and dimensions to life, yet our humanness limits us to so few.  Let life be part of  you, let  life be free of human mind limitations and shortcomings; live your life and allow LIFE to touch you through LOVE.❤️

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