Relationships Without Expectations

What is your relationship with God, the Divine Being, Allah, the Supreme Being, Jehovah, the Lord, etc? Is it a sincere deep trusting and forever relationship? Do you have expectations in this relationship and what do you do to nourish it?
How is your relationship with others such as family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, etc? Are you giving in your connection or do you make demands and have expectations? Do you give hoping to receive a favor or something in return? Do you give out of obligation and duty or out of goodness and love?

All relationships should come from the HEART and WITHOUT expectations. If you spend all your time anticipating, justifying, expecting, and demanding things from the connection you have with GOD OR with other beings, than
you will NOT find happiness, love, and genuineness in yourself or in life. Give from your heart and true being, NOT awaiting nor expecting ANYTHING IN RETURN! It is from such free giving where you achieve the ultimate goal of the soul…. a soul filled with love, joy, gratitude and mercy. ❤️

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