Sometimes humans are so busy that they forget their true essence, their true being, their true reason for life.
They seem to make time for coffee, for chats, for social media, for movies and television, for shopping, etc. yet they have no time to quiet their mind. Their world is full of noise, of movement, of emotions, of positive and negative actions and thoughts and so much more. They make NO time to sit in silence or to be in stillness. What does it take for a human to realize that there is NO meaning to life without going inside to the CORE of the being? Life can be full of many possessions, many friends and acquaintances, many activities, lots of good times but the essence of their being is the SOUL.  Humans are not finding happiness in their “things”, many live in turmoil, confused, depressed and angry because all of these “things” have distracted them from their true SELF.  Mother Teresa had no “things” yet she had EVERYTHING, she had LOVE.  Through love she honored herself and others.

SIT IN SILENCE …..( even if it is only for a few minutes) …. Give your mind a rest…. connect to your INNER BEING and find purpose.  ♥️

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