Every human has been hurt or has hurt another, however what one learns or does with such action is of the utmost importance. In every human journey. In life there are disappointments and regrets, there are hurts and failures, and there are, loses and omissions. However how such incidents are managed and directed by the human, are what greatly affect and impact the inner being, the soul.
Perhaps regret for words said, for actions taken or lack of proper action, for behavior, for thoughts ,for reaction, etc. Now what to do after all of this has transpired?
If you are the offender, ask for forgiveness, pray to be forgiven and MOST IMPORTANTLY, LEARN FROM THE EXPERIENCE. Remember to continue to move on in your journey but never to repeat such offense.
If you have been offended by another, forgive the offender, pray for them and move on in your life experiences. If you truly want to advance your soul, then let go of such things. ❤️

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