Tell Me….

For days I have been drawn to this tree as if I thought it needed to talk to me. Finally , I said ” Tree, what is your message for me?” I heard the following :

Standing here among other trees
I alone with white blooms you can see.

Beauty outside and inside I share
Imparting oxygen fully into the air.

Roots expanding deep in the ground
As I spread my aroma to you and all around.

Everyday I endure the elements of Earth life,
Hoping to continue to flourish in all this strife.

Small Stems, large branches growing out from me
Housing nests of birds that will soon fly and flee.

I stand here in full color and in lofty style,
All the while hoping that I can help you smile.

Enjoy the beauty of God,s many creations,
As I am but one part of HIS many formations.

Allow nature to take you to a calm peaceful place,
Remove strife in life, fill it with stillness and grace.

Yes, clearly I speak to you as you sit in admiration
Wishing to endow your heart with love and inspiration.

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