Soul Connection to Nature

Take a seat among the tall trees,
Enjoy the beauty and feel so free.

Monarch Butterfly flutters up to you,
Drying its wings from the morning dew.

Birds sing, chirp and fly to and fro,
Flowers in bloom and fragrance in tow.

Squirrels run and chase each other in play,
White clouds slowly pass and move away.

Trees stand upright sturdy and strong,
While leaves move with the wind in song.

Sun shines intensely and heats the soil,
Giving relief to a body of pain and toil.

Eyes recognize and acclaim God’s creation,
Heart fills with love and complete admiration.

Honor thy Being and connect with the Soul,
Take part in this journey and feel more whole.

Escape mind thought and enjoy God’ s creation,
Live a life of LOVE, without any limitation.

In a journey of nature the body surrenders,
And Soul takes full delight in Spiritual splendor.

Alone in a natural setting, it is easy to see,
That All you need to do is sit under a tree.

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