Have you met a person who is negative about life? Negative toward others? Always thinks negatively and makes unkind or dissenting comments? Does this person always find fault with what is happening? Is their physical living world like a roller coaster? Are YOU one of these people?
There are may excuses or reasons perhaps as to this behavior or attitude …….. Maybe a difficult childhood, maybe unhappy with their physical appearance, maybe financial reasons, maybe family issues or martial issues, or JUST MAYBE..???? Excuses! The negative person will have many reasons or excuses for this thought and behavior , and sometimes act amazed that one would perceive him/ her to be negative. 😮.
Negativism becomes a HABIT, it becomes an ESCAPE, it becomes a WALL. It becomes an AVOIDANCE in dealing with the true issue (s). It becomes the CRUTCH in life and it deters spiritual and Soul growth.

Practice the following daily and suggest others do the same:

Everyday replace one negative thought for a positive. Everyday be grateful for one thing, big or small.
Everyday find one positive in yourself and one positive in another person.
Everyday find one reason to smile and be happy.

Positivism allows for Soul growth and nourishes the human body. ❤️

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