Stop the Struggle With the Body

Who are you? Your earthly Being is BODY and your spiritual being is SOUL. Both must be cared for in order to accomplish goals in this lifetime; It is the body that allows the SOUL to be present in this world. The body is the “car” that transported you to Earth.
But I ask, when you make a physical change to the body does this change the soul? Does a facial lift ensure one of a soul lift? Does a sexual change from male to female, make for a more advanced soul? A physical change can boost moral, confidence level, mood and and attitude, but it can not grow the soul.
The soul chose the body in which it traveled to Earth, and the issues or difficulties it wished to overcome. The SOUL is here to “redo, reboot, upgrade and better” itself. Remember to Spend the greatest amount of time advancing and changing the soul for the better, everything else will fall into place. You are NOT your body but you ARE your SOUL.

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