Doors and Choices

In your body resides the Soul… the Soul that decided to return to the Earthly level. The soul that chose to reincarnate with hope to remedy past life mistakes, choices and omissions.
The human journey is like a hallway filled with many DOORS and each door represents a path. As you walk down the hallway you decide which door you wish to enter and upon entering the door the journey begins. No human journey is perfect but ALL human journeys should enhance and enrich the growth of the soul. Humans have free will, they have choices to make during their “travels”. Yes, the soul reincarnates to Earth to fix, mend, and reconstruct what needs to be rectified from the previous life, but in this body and life path, the human has free will to manipulate the journey. BEGIN now to align your life choices with your inner being, with your SOUL. You are here for a purpose, put love in your heart, let love guide you in life and stop reacting to your life situation and begin living it for the betterment of your true essence. ❤️

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