Live In The Moment


Be present in your Life; look around at your physical and spiritual self and be HERE, be PRESENT. So often the humanness in us chooses to revert to the past, because it is familiar, or rely on the future, hoping for change or a better result. BUT, what about this moment?

Imagine looking through a small aperture, what you see is what is present in front of that hole at this VERY moment. Definitely there is more happening outside of your line of vision, but what you see is YOUR PRESENT MOMENT.

It is not unwise to revisit a past experience or aspire for a productive future event, but DO NOT GET STUCK THERE! Let it go or it will become a hindrance to growing your being. Past is over and future is yet to come…LIVE IN THE PRESENT, in the moment, and make the most of your spiritual life Now.

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