A Joyous Meditation

As I sit here in sheer silence
My reincarnated soul aspires to grow,
And the physical body begins to recognize
work together to discern what they already know.

Breath-in deeply and exhale with force
Stress, hurt, anger and pain ALL cease
The body acknowledges it is time to let them go
So here I sit with love in my heart and at peace.

My body Is surrounded by love and white light
No chatter in the mind just presence of SOUL.
Out of body experience I feel in my BEING,
Complete peace and joy without human role.

Love and unity are in my entity that came from above
Present in body on Earth to fulfill a quest
As The Soul aspires to complete its mission
Through love and a meditation ever SO BLESSED.

Prior to the closure of this meditation
I savor the presence of my devoted master guide
And a multitude of angels and passed loved ones
Who assist me in my inner journey with love and pride.

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