Signs From Our Loved Ones

Did you know that our guides, Angels and loved ones are constantly sending us signs that they are near or are watching over us? Have you noticed any of their manifestations, as small or big as they might be? Maybe a bird singing perched close by, it might be a monarch butterfly passing very near or a sunbeam coming through the window where you are seated. There are so many different ways that our friends from above demonstrate that they have never forgotten us. These helpers, Angels or guides are sent to let us know that they are not far, that their physical death was not the end. Talk to your guide and Angel friends, ask them to give you a sign because they can hear you. Maybe the next time you see a small feather floating next to you, or a penny appear in front of you that came from absolutely nowhere…. just remember that someone from the other side loves you and is very near you. Give thanks, love from the ❤️ heart, and remember, physical death is NOT the end.

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