No Matter the Size of The Hole

Have you and another person ever looked at the same exact thing, and then described it differently? Have you and another ever had the exact same experience together, but then perceived the experience totally different? Two separate people walking hand in hand down a path , living the exact same moment, describe their experience differently; Why is this and how does this happen?
Remember, your life is what YOU make it, how you manage and guide it. Your life is of the utmost importance and your view on life will determine your outcome. YOU MAKE YOUR own conclusion and reaction by your thoughts, attitude, vision, perception, etc. and all of this is subject to change by YOU. No one can truthfully force change or reconstruction in your life, the change must come from WITHIN, or it will be a falsehood, an unfulfilling life.
Often people resort to suicide rather than face the truth about their choices and being. Some live their life in a hole of *depression or addiction rather than fight the battle and do the uphill climb. (*this is not referring to clinical depression)

Has the time come for you to revaluate your being, see things with clarity and without clutter? Can you be true to your being, leaving behind earthly prejudices and judgements? Are you ready to be content with life the way YOU make it? Remember, your life is of your making, so make it GREAT! Even if the changes are small, these will brighten and illuminate the path to more. Look through the aperture and see as much as you can see , don’t be bothered by the size of the opening, just LOOK-SEE AND ENJOY! ♥️

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