No Chance Encounters

Photo by Adam Marcucci

Purposefully look at the FACE of a person you have never seen or met before; pay attention to every aspect of this person’s face. Perhaps they have blue or black eyes, a slanted eye feature, full lips, high cheekbones, a wide based nose, etc. all of this might tell you something about their ancestral history, but does this tell you who they are? Their face does not address their soul. Inside the physical being is the soul, the soul that they kinder and respect or the soul they have yet to grow and make part of their being.

The story of the face can possibly tell us the person’s age, hardships, eating habits, life style, sun exposure etc. but the face does NOT tell you who the person really is. Faces can be deceiving, So where do you look to find ones true being?

First, look inside YOUR OWN BEING, it all begins with you. When you allow YOUR soul to be the most important part of who you are, it is then that you find love and happiness in yourself and in others.
Your loving, and caring soul will seek and find others that need to be in your life. When a person comes to you “in passing”, just for a small moment, actually this person had a reason to be there. NEVER do two souls meet by chance!
Be joyful, smile and always love from the heart; new encounters, new FACES will appear around you. Be kind, gentle and caring, there TRULY is a reason for the MOMENT.

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