The Wow Moment Is NOW!

Have you ever met a person that constantly talks about the past or the future? Are YOU one of these people?
It begins like this, “…..last week……yesterday……last year……many years ago…. next year…… next month…… and so on and so on.” Why do humans so often want to talk about the past or the future and not the present moment?
When they speak of the past, there are no unknowns, uncertainties, it is over, completed, therefore they can just relay and rely on what they experienced or perceived to experience. Talking in the future gives the human hope for the uncertainty, a longing, a desire for something else…. like a daydream state of being. They can live in their own fantasy without certitude and judgement.
What humans most often fail to realize is that the MOST IMPORTANT moment in life is the NOW! Constantly talking about the past and or future only causes stagnation in the PRESENT; it causes a person to get tramped.
Learn from the past and move on, there is no need to replay or dwell on it. You can even enjoy some good laughs about those past humorous moments, but then you must let them go. There is no bad in wishing for a good future, this is quite normal, but you must establish a good strong root in the NOW. It is the NOW MOMENT that is the “WOW” in your life, which leads to the expired (past) moment or will lead to the forthcoming moment.
Enjoy and grow the NOW, live presently and love unconditionally. ♥️

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