Do You Feel Limited?

Where Are Your limitations?

A young boy said he felt very “different” from his classmates because he did not have a cell phone.

A man playing golf with his friends said he felt very out of sync and limited in his game because his golf clubs were old compared to those of his golf buddies.

A lady said she felt out of place at a social event in the country club because all the other ladies had designer shoes, purses or clothing and she had none of this.

Are these true limitations and from where do they come? Who sets these limitations?

All of these limitations, feelings of inequality, lack of self confidence, sensitivity, insecurities, etc. are from their own making, uncertainty and vacillation of the inner being. They are allowing society and others to set their self worth, or what they perceive as self worth. This is a HUGE human flaw; EVERYONE is created equally and self worth comes from within, never in what you have or don’t have.
Seldom have you heard a person say they feel less because their inner being is out of balance ; Or they feel lost because they have not been enriching or growing their soul. However this is the truth, The REAL story lies within them. They must STOP JUDGEMENT based on guidelines and limitations set by society. Allowing material possessions or twisted human restrictions to determine their worth or the worth of another, is one of the ugliest and most undesirable things they can do!
If they feel out of place or not comfortable in a situation, it is from their OWN MAKING and ONLY they can change this. They must Stop making excuses and take action.
Certainly every human seeks and needs love but this does NOT allow others or society to determine their value, nor importance on Earth. A person’s value and limitations comes totally from WITHIN!

Everyone needs to grow stronger by looking inside and ridding the mind from human judgement and limitations.
Love yourself and others unconditionally! ♥️

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