Thank You Sincerely

How often do you say Thank you and truly mean what you say? The sincere act of being thankful and giving thanks, is of very high energy; NEVER stop being grateful for all your life experiences. It is easy to pass through life with anticipation, desire and expectancy, but the greatest power is in the act of kindness and gratitude for ALL life experiences.
Often humans live their life expecting that they will receive what they desire, request, and need, and then after it is fulfilled, they move on to their next request. Where the human falls short and is neglectful is saying THANK YOU, sincerely. When a person does something extra special for you, something never expected big or small, truly GIVE THANKS because there was no obligation. There are many unknowns in Earthy life, so be grateful for ANY and ALL blessings no matter the size and no matter from where they come. Never EXPECT but when you receive, BE grateful! A sincere “thank you” is so appreciated and loved. If one does not get or receive what they want, there truly is a reason for this so be grateful. NEVER take life events or lack of, for granted; there is a design or plan in the human life journey and for this give thanks from the heart.
Even us, your guides and spiritual friends, love being appreciated and knowing that our earthly friends are grateful for us . MOST IMPORTANTLY give thanks to God, your Divine Being, it is through HIM you have life. ♥️

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