Life Experiences…

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Allow life experiences to make you a stronger, better and more prepared being. Life moves on, with its many ups and downs, twists and turns, and highs and lows but what you take from each experience is of your making. Often humans say, “ why did this happen to me? Or “ why me and not someone else?” Or they dwell on the experience often reliving only the difficult moments. Every life happening is part of YOUR planned journey chosen by the soul PRIOR to the earth visit, but how YOU the person live it, change it and perceive it is your FREE WILL.
There are three questions that one needs to ask about the experience: why? how ? and where?

WHY…..did this experience happen? It is part of your journey, already part of why you are here. The journey is present, YOUR free will, can manipulate it and change some aspects of it, but the experience is yours to be had. Grow from it and with it.

How…. Can I make this experience work for me? Remember what you do with this experience is up to you. Even in the ugliest moments there is always something positive, always something to gain and to inspire. Move forward and don’t hesitate to live life fully.

Where… will this experience take you as a being. Life experiences continue as long as you continue living in the physical world. So WHERE you let this experience take you is of your making. Why not let it take you to a more enlightened you and a better you.

Every life experience can make you stronger or weaker, it is your perception and your making. Make it work for the BEST in your life journey. ♥️

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