Stop the what if and live now.

Photo by Casey Horner

Humans and wishes…
Why is it that often the human spends time wishing, hoping, and desiring for something they don’t have rather than enjoying what they have? Frequently they say, … “ Someday when I have…. I wish I had….. One day I will have….”. Where is the present moment in their life? When a person does this it causes for uneasiness and insecurities in daily living. It is wishing to live a falsehood rather than appreciate what is real. A human can have dreams, hopes and desires but when these play a bigger role in life, than living life, the result is insecurity, unbalance and instability.
STOP spending time in the “what if” stage and start living the NOW stage of life. If one does not do this, then they will perceive their life to be hollow and unfulfilling.
How sad it is to pass life living for the moments of “ what if…. maybe… someday…. “.

Prior to coming to human life, there were no promises, just an untraveled journey to be had. A journey filled with uncertainties and some easy and difficult moments. YOU must make the most of your life, enjoy the moment in which you live and take each life experience as a way to make you more enlightened. Find clarity in the experience and be grateful. Be present in your life and MAKE it GREAT NOW.♥️

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