Explore Outside of your Domain

*denotes my human experience with a friend ….expressed from the viewpoint of my guide.
+denotes words from my guide in presence

*As you two sat and chatted, You could see inside her being and it was there where You encountered her loving and youthful soul. Her being and soul were awaiting to hear and know more from your older soul. Her being was curious yet cautious, accepting yet hesitate, and somewhat perplexed yet enlightened.
As I, your inner guide, spoke through your being, She listened and inquired, acknowledged and questioned, and considered each shared experience from the perspective of her being.

+How does one begin to understand reincarnation and spiritual communication if reared and programmed in a traditional Christian Faith where Reincarnation is not accepted, nor is the concept of communication from the other side. How does a being begin to comprehend and welcome such ideas and concepts when before they were considered to be strange or abnormal, like a taboo or witchery.
None of these feelings, beliefs and perceptions are unexpected or unusual if the human has been programmed by a church or an adult to believe such. Also if one’s being is at a different level of vibration, and has never stepped outside of the “norm” of his/her world, then these concepts and practices can be overwhelming, a little frightful, and also pull at the strings of curiosity. The mere fact that a young soul inquires, searches and listens attentively is a positive for growth and expansion and must not be hindered.
So How does the being know that the teachings or experiences are pure and genuine, not a making of the mind or imagination ? How does one explore the area of spirituality and become in tune with one’s soul?
It must begin with the desire to know what lies outside of the earthly realm and the small living environment in which one resides. In general, humans build a wall around their world, encompassing their beliefs, ideals, standards and doctrine and seldom do they wish to step outside of their comfort zone to explore the unknown, the unexplained or the uncertain. Yet this is exactly what the human must do in order to uncover the true divinity of God, and understand their soul mission. Humans need not be fearful when searching for their true spiritual being nor eliminate possibilities outside of their familiar reality. The human must not turn their back on what is unfamiliar and unknown and Allow for exploration. Life lessons and growth are present in all, therefore there shall not be limitations. Explore, expand, enjoy, and always entertain the belief that there is so MUCH MORE TO LEARN, EXPERIENCE AND EMBRACE for the advancement of the soul and all humanity.

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