There Are No Excuses For Hatred

Hate, such a harsh and distasteful word in any language and an extreme emotion of very low vibration. Where there is hated there is unhappiness, low self esteem, anger, frustration and misery. How far does hate go inside the BEING and is this hate truly part of that being?
Hate, a forceful and frightful word and often when a person chooses to use this word, it is because he or she is simple-minded , lacking sufficient vocabulary to express their feelings in another manner. However, sadly this is not always true and the human actually lives this ugly emotion and makes it part of their being. Unless there is a mental illness causing such harsh dislike, there is no reason for hate. There are no excuses, pretexts or alibis accepted for allowing the feeling of hated inside your being. There can be no peace when embracing and feeding such antagonistic thoughts and feelings.

Often people discuss, debate, and disagree but when there is intense emotion of aversion or hostility there is absolutely no peace for that soul. NEVER should there be hated, even for the worst of criminals or crimes, because it incites more ill will, bitterness and animosity; hate is venomous to the being and causes the Soul to grieve and incapable of fulfilling its mission.
Pray for help to release negative emotions and feelings from all beings. It is important to understand that a BEING was placed on Earth in LOVE and No Being came to Earth morally depraved, it is only through free will, poor choices and ego power that the being is absorbed negatively. There is NO justification for undertaking any belief, action, position,etc. that approves and advocates hostility, chaos, and malevolence. Step up and take responsibility for making the world a better place to live. Leave a loving footprint on the EARTH which will be passed on to others that follow.
Continue to LOVE and PRAY for strength and inner peace. LOVE unconditionally, LOVE from the heart, and there will be no existence of hate. ♥️

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