Why ?

Why do some beings come to earth to be loved and glorified, while others come to be tortured and abused.?

Why do some feel little pain in their life, while others carry the burden of intense pain all their life?

Why do some have an abundance to eat and share, while others go hungry with no food nor care?

Why do some have a prefect carefree life, while others suffer such horrendous strife?

Why do some enjoy a loving romantic relationship, while others are used for carnal lust and a life of no trust?

Why do some children live a jovial life in the arms of responsible parents, while other children have the burden of being a parent in the body of a child?

Why do some people find the perfect friend to support, guide and love them, while others have no friends or “friends” that are jealous and only betray them?

Why do some humans find growth, peace and love in their inner core, while others struggle to understand that the inner core is love and so much more?

Why do some humans fill their life with love, kindness, compassion and cheer, while others fill their life with hatred, cruelty, selfishness and fear?

So many different scenarios in life, and so many different outcomes, Yet every being, IS equal, and exactly at the same level of importance. EVERY being came from the EXACT same SOURCE, and each came with their own personal journey. How one completes and lives the journey is up to each individual being, depending on their choices, their vision, and their understanding of life. The ultimate goal of all souls is to live life lovingly.
Remember, The journey was prearranged prior to earthly birth, but how the journey is maneuvered and managed is up to each being. Instead of asking WHY, or WHY ME, go inside and discover the nucleus of your being. Enjoy living, and make the most of this lifetime….. ♥️

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