Alone In Silence

Photo by Jesse Bowser

So here I sit….alone … and in silence, I begin to think…… why am I alone? … why am I sitting in silence? ….Then I hear these words… “To truly know oneself you must be alone in thought and in love….be present in this moment and get to know YOUR TRUE BEING. Sit here and nurture the soul and let all the humanness go. Only in stillness and being one, can you find yourself and your reason for existence. Remember You are what YOU allow yourself to BE…. what you nourish is what grows and makes you flourish. So choose to be free of earthly burdens, find time to be alone and in silence and become ONE with your loving soul.”
So here I sit … alone… and in silence. …. without any thought of wondering why.

2 thoughts on “Alone In Silence

  1. Really like this one bc now retired and for the most part moved in the house I get dats of quietness and really treasure them. That’s not that I don’t love my family but just being still is nice and mind clearing.

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