Stop the Mind Control

He stretched out in his bed, incapable of falling asleep. His mind raced with fear, with life worries…. about almost anything and everything in his life.
He proclaimed himself to be a religious man, a man who believed in God; he was a follower of Jesus Christ and a devout member of his church, which he attended every Sunday.

Now at two o’clock in the morning, he had no remembrance of his belief in God nor the power of his faith. He was lost in his worries, allowing his mind to totally control his physical being.
Turning his body from one side to the next, he could find no relief from his worries. For each turn his body made, the worries he carried inside became stronger and stronger. Finally, after several hours of his mind racing with concern, he lifted himself from the bed and began a new day. He was without a rested body and a man feeling empty and lost. The mind control was just too strong for his tired physical being.

Where was his strong belief in God? Why did he fail to go inside and try to work with his busy mind through prayer? Where was his trust and belief in The power of God to help him? Where was his firm belief and trust that in all things with God there is a solution?

Faith is not a momentary belief, not a temporary trust, nor a sporadic confidence, yet many human beings fail to truly live their faith. Often many only see their church as a Sunday house. Their faith becomes a social setting for discussion and community unity but not part of their total make up. True Faith is living, loving and trusting your entire being.

Pray, meditate, talk to God, ask for guidance from your guides and angel friends. You must do something to take away the control of the mind. When was the last time that all the worries in your life were solved by worry? Never!

Calm the mind through the power of prayer, music, meditation…. be active in your beliefs. Know that you are never alone in your life adventure , someone is always with you. Believe and trust that the Source is always with you as well as Your spiritual guides and angel friends. Put Love from the heart first, trust your life journey will be fulfilled in this lifetime, live your faith, and know you are never alone.♥️

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