Stop The Confinement..Love Unconditionally

Don’t be closed in a box, or surrounded by a fence or wall that holds you in one area… don’t be limited and defined by earthly materials or beliefs that confine your being and limit your inner spiritual growth. Don’t be stopped by fear or the lack of knowledge or crushed by prejudices . Don’t allow unkind people or their beliefs to limit you in your growth.
You are YOUR OWN PERSON … you are YOUR OWN SOUL. YOU must find your OWN path and walk down it your OWN way. Your path may wind around or it may be straight. Remember how you make it, IS the way the path will be. If you fall off the path and go astray, the path is still there. What you do with the experience while astray from the path, is still of your own making, as it is of your own making while on the path.
Be free of limits that others try to place on you; do not allow their limits to limit you. Be free of unkind and hurtful actions and remember to forgive as you wish to be forgiven.

Humanness is a constant chore because humans have failed to be free and independent of the limits they themselves place on their being. Most often these come from the mind, the ego, and their own making of walls constructed from limited understanding of life. Many humans have failed to understand that their greatest assignment in this life is to love unconditionally; to truly love, FREE from the constant pressure and tension placed on them in their limited little world. Of course the Being, has ALLOWED or permitted these restrictions because the person failed to know their true inner strength and inner being. Never allow ugly humaneness to stop you from LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY!
Go inside, explore and search for your inner being, it is there! Stop looking and preparing your physical self only!
Is it easier to live a life without true spiritual commitment, growth and responsibility? Absolutely it is! But that is existing and not living and it is NOT why you are here on Earth. Now is the time to improve, enrich and enlighten the spiritual being of your TOTAL SELF/ TOTAL BEING ….for what other reason did you return to Earth? ….. There is none! ♥️

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