But Not Forever…. Never

Photo by: Rubén Bagüés

Physical death is the closing of life in the physical state, and the beginning of life in the spiritual state. If you have ever sat next to a dying physical body, you know it can be a peaceful ending or one filled with unusual sounds and a body struggling to shut down.
Many view death as the END when actually it is a movement to another stage of life, and an End to the physical form of the human body ONLY. After physical death, The being IS pure energy and light. However, none of this makes the passing of a loved one any easier. It is often not until time has passed when one begins to better understand the departure. Death of the physical body is inevitable for all living beings, but even with this understanding, most often the beings left behind, suffer from the loss of their loved one.
As you were given life from birth, you will also be given life from death. Physical death allows the passage to happen, it allows for the soul to return to the other side free from physical form.

Your Departure
In silence I sat as tears rolled down my cheeks,
Confused, angry, hurt, and trying to understand why.
I could see your physical body right there on the bed,
yet there was no breathing, no movement, no heartbeat.

How can this be and Why did you leave me, leave us?
So many unanswered questions and so much pain.
Closed eyes, hands clinched, I went inside myself,
where I knew I could find answers and peace.

Soon I heard these whispering words , “ I am here.
Residing now on the other side, not far but near.
Keep me in your heart and move on with your life.”
Your voice, your words, you spoke to me, and I heard you!

No answers could I find other than it was your time.
Time to leave this earthly world for a new experience.
Now you can reconnect with old friends and family and
As you grieved their passing, I now grieve yours.

Enjoy the beauty of your new world and be at peace.
Know that you are in my thoughts and never forgotten.
It is through your love and teachings I Am who I Am.
Yes, With a stumble are two, but never too far from you.

No true parting because together we will be again,
Like old times, full of tears, joy, love and laughter.
Rest, enjoy, and make the most of your new endeavor,
WITHOUT your being I live here, but not Forever, never…♥️♥️

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