Begin with You

Photo by Steve Halama

Loving yourself and believing in yourself is the GREATEST love you can have and feel and the greatest accomplishment you can achieve. Never allow yourself to believe anything other than self greatness. It ALL begins WITH YOU….with your inner strength, and everything flows out from there.
One man said he did not love himself but only loved God, but how can this be? He is part of God’s creation, therefore he is part of God and if he loves God, he must love self. All creation came from a loving source and you are part of that SOURCE.
The greatest gift you can give yourself and anyone in the earthly world is love. Love is the most powerful of all energies. If you love self, then you are able to share and love others.
A teacher once said to a student… “the greatest lesson I have to teach you is to love and embrace yourself. If I can teach you SELF LOVE, then everything else will fall into place. Loving oneself is what stimulates and brings out the good in humanity.”

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