Ask Yourself These Questions

YOU are here on Earth to live a life using the body, as the vehicle, to carry the Soul, your true inner being. The decisions you make for YOUR complete being are yours to make and own. Often people allow and want outside events, friendships, and opinions to help them make their life decisions, but This should NOT be. Why?….because It is YOUR LIFE and YOUR DECISION. Step away from life pressure, from the opinions of others, from outside societal influences ….go and sit alone, be alone, think alone, pray alone…. let YOUR life touch you without outside influences…. then make the best decision you can make for you.

Always ask .. “can I live with this decision for the rest of my human life?” …. ask.. “ in five, ten, or twenty years, will I still be happy with the decision I make?” Ask…“ will I always be proud of my decision?….. Ask.. “ is this truly my decision alone, without allowing outside influences?”
Never be afraid to ask yourself questions, you and ONLY YOU are responsible for your being. Remember..your life, your decisions.

Human life is a complicated journey, a challenging endeavor and a pure adventure, but stepping back and assessing the pros and cons of a life decision is the best way to avoid major life missteps. Finding answers and making decisions about YOU, is your assignment on Earth and it must well serve both parts of your Being, body and soul. When you love yourself and your life decisions, you will find joy and love in everything about life. Live, Love, and Be oneself. ♥️

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