Let It Flow.

photo by Chris Smith

YOU are NOT being selfish when you uphold to your reality and flourish in life by living for YOU. Do not attempt to please and make happy those around you by sacrificing your true being. Your journey purpose on EARTH is to find yourself and live your life. Life misery and unhappiness comes when you fail to remember why you are here and you abandon self. Putting oneself first in life is not self-centered and egocentric but quite the contrary; when you are happy, untroubled and feeling good, your love naturally flows and  it brings joy and peace to Self and  to those around you.  Be free of constraints put on you by societal thoughts, beliefs, opinions and dogma. Live and do the best for YOUR body and soul, live your life enriching and enlightening your complete Being. All human anguish and despair come from within; most comes from living for others and not for self.

Like water freely falling over the waterfalls, your BEING is here to flow and grow spiritually. Love you and like water flowing so too will your positive energy and vibrations. Your journey is to LOVE unconditionally including self, and to live the best life you can live. Be free, be fair and kind to self, and your BEING, both BODY and SOUL, will be enlightened….♥️

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