The Seedling

Photo by Maddy Baker

Imagine a life of only happiness and joy……. can you?
Imagine a world of only Harmony, love and peace…..can you?
Imagine a life with no tasks, no responsibilities, no obligations or duties. ….. can you?
Imagine a life with no attachments, no bonds, nor attractions…. can you?
Imagine a life free of challenges, everyone always in agreement and filled with victories….. can you?

Oh, what a perfect world it would be, but this is not the world in which we reside. This perfect world would not allow for progress, growth, and betterment of your Being. Earth life is not paradise and of this you were quite aware before incarnation. Here the body and soul dwell together to experience and learn and most importantly to advance and make their union better and more loving.

YOU are NOT here on Earth to be an insensible, lifeless, and disengaged Being. You have a job, a mission to complete, some call it purpose,; it entails direction, exposure, participation and schooling. Living life is a challenge but through experiences and activities, the Being sprouts, grows and flourishes.
Like a small seedling 🌱, give your body and soul good nourishment and care , the rewards and enlightenment will be impactful and life changing. ♥️

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