Around and Around it Goes

Photo by Luo Leí

Your body has life but are you truly living? Do you live life routinely, like the windmill blades in motion going around and around endlessly? Or do you live each day independently of the day or days before? The windmill works well as long as there is a breeze or it has a working motor but otherwise it is stationary, in one position. Is that you, stuck in a daily routine without joy and awe of living? Do you live everyday with worth, love, respect, determination and aspirations? Like the windmill, many humans are lifeless, without direction, but not because they are without life but because they have no vision and they have allowed the MIND to lead and influence them completely. Yes, the human mind is very powerful and convincing; it can create, distort, redirect, formulate, contrive and convince and do SO MUCH MORE!

Most often the burden and dread the human finds in life is created in the mind and from there it progresses to make life seem hollow. The mind can take a small issue and after it overthinks and processes it, the entire issue seems to be an overwhelming catastrophe which overtakes the joy of living. The mind over steps its limits, it over processes and dominates our moods, our intentions, our choices and so much more. Only in death is the mind shut off but a Being can control the chatter and the restrictions placed on it by the mind.

There are ways to take a break from a powerful controlling mind. Step away from the issue/ situation and take a few deep breaths. A living Being can take the mind to a different thought, location, and outcome but it takes time and work. Sit in silence alone for five or six minutes a day, and instead of allowing your mind to tell you everything you must do, or think at the moment… STOP, SIT DOWN AND REGROUP. Pray….meditate, talk to God… talk to your inner self, talk to your angel friends or guides, redirect your thoughts and attention to a more peaceful, calming, relaxing and loving memory. Perhaps recite a familiar prayer, a mantra, a phrase from your favorite song, or any tool that will bring fresh new feelings inside and allow the body and soul to work together positively. It is up to YOU to pull away from the negative mind control and rebuild. In time the negative and binding thoughts will diminish and the mind will quickly reflect on the positives. It takes time, practice and a lot of love for self. ♥️

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