My Out of Body Experience

Often while sleeping , I enjoy an out of body experience. This has happened to me on several occasions and each time the occurrence is more and more beautiful. Once again I wish to share my latest journey.
Note: Before understanding what these adventures were, I would be confused and with lots of questions; now with a much deeper understanding, I just enjoy the overwhelming feeling of fearlessness, jubilation, freedom and I am ever so GRATEFUL!

I fly in body form and I fly very high.
I fly away from Earth like a bird in the sky.
I soar over hills, plains, mountains, and oceans
It is constant action in a fast moving motion.
To feel this liberation is pure jubilation and bliss,
With no ties to Earthly constraints, I do not miss.
No heaviness, just lightness like a feather,
Body and soul freely flying and floating together.

I hear:
Just fly, no worry about the now nor tomorrow
Fly freely above in pure joy and no sorrow.

The feeling of freedom is like none to compare,
Flying from here, there, and just everywhere.
Nothing fastened or holding me in place,
Flying so freely through the air with grace.
Up, over, down and back, free of restrictions,
Pure openness, no discomfort or any constrictions.
My Body and arms outstretched as if I were an eagle
Gliding, and flying with splendor and regal.

I hear:
Just fly, no worry about the now nor tomorrow
Fly freely above in pure joy and no sorrow.

This free flying feeling is absolutely the best,
ability to break from Earth, am I so blessed.
A stop here and there and a short visit or two,
Refreshes my complete Being as I feel so anew.
Without thought or care I just constantly fly,
In bright light and lucid calmness, ever so high.
If this is Heaven, then I will forever live in peace,
Flying so freely in love that never will cease.

I hear:
Just fly, no worry about the now nor tomorrow
Fly freely above in pure joy and no sorrow.

There I see my friends, family and beloved animals too,
All doing well surrounded in the hues of light blue.
The overwhelming love and comfort seem so real,
Almost more than I am able to understand and feel.
There is no pain, regret, or ugliness in this huge open space,
Only freedom and perfection and pure amazing grace.
Quickly My BEING descends and enters the Earth’s sphere,
It is then the journey ends and I AM back with NO fear.

I hear:
Someday, all of this will be yours to forever reside,
But for now continue your mission on Earth to preside. ♥️

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