Make It Happen

Photo by redcharlie

The human Earth journey does not last forever. For some the journey can be minutes, hours or days, for others, months or years, there are NO forever Earth journeys. Upon the unification of spirit and soul, the BEING arrives to Earth. It must be noted that this unification is NOT by chance but planned carefully from the other side with love, direction, and intention.
Ask yourself how you are doing on your journey? Do you love who you are? Are you struggling and why? Are you finding joy? Are you being true to your Being or do you struggle with who you are or have become? It is important to understand that it is up to YOU, and only YOU, to make your journey.

Many Beings move through life and wish for something better, something different, … their life is pure WISHING….. they constantly seek change outside of their being…. desiring what others have because they think it will make them happier. These beings are hurting and lost, wondering around without direction and without self love.
There are many lives that could be examined as examples of this, but here mentioned is one person that allowed life to pass him by…Michael Jackson. Both famous and loved by many, he departed Earth feeling unfulfilled, suppressed and broken. Michael existed and was not truly engaged in his life journey. He had power, wealth, flair and charisma but when he departed the Earth, he died alone. He failed himself, allowing situations and other humans to dictate who he could be, act, react and live. His Being came to Earth with great promise and potential yet he died miserable and forlorn. He could not stand up to the pressures of society and family . His popularity and fame dictated who and how he was to live and be, and when he departed the Earth, his inner BEING was disconnected, incomplete and shattered. Unfortunately he did not have enough courage, strength or love to overcome and break away from the many hindrances placed in his path. It is ESENCIAL that the Being gain enough inner strength, stamina, self confidence, and self love to overcome earthly hurdles and walls placed in the path by society, community, religion, family, etc.

Step back and look at your present moment in life. Where are you in your journey? Do not spend time wishing for a better life journey, just MAKE IT HAPPEN. You are BOTH body and soul, work together to make your life joyful and complete. You will not find this in your possessions, not in your societal status, and not in your physical appearance…. it all lies within you. Strengthen your inner Being, everything else will fall into place.

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